Primary Election - August 6, 2024

The List Below Are Candidates Running In

Contested PCO Positions

Coulee City (005)


RICHARD H. HEIBERG - PCO / State Committee Man

As a lifetime Constitutional conservative, my first involvement with politics came in 1964 when I supported Barry Goldwater for president and talked my parents into allowing me to put up a 4 by 8’ Goldwater sign in their rec room window. I have voted in every single election since that time and helped out as I could living in Snohomish County in the

early years. Since shortly after moving to Coulee City in 1999, I gradually became more involved and first served as GCRP Commissioner District #1 chair. Later, I was elected as PCO for Coulee City Precinct #5 and have served in that capacity for approximately 20 years. Additionally, I served one term as GCRP LD 12 chair and am in my third term as State

Committeeman for Grant County.

For the past three years, I camped at the Grant County Fairgrounds for the entire Fair and was on duty in our building from 8:00am till 10:00pm every day. Over the years, I attended every Lincoln Day Dinner and many rallies, demonstrations, parades and etc. I served a Coulee City Mayor 2010-1013 and currently serve on the city council

In closing, I will say that I support and endorse President Trump as I consider him the only person who has the capacity to drain a DC Swamp in dire need of draining. I also endorse Dave Reichert for Governor. I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.


BENJAMIN WARREN - Active in the Party

I was born, raised, and lived most of my life in Grant County, and I am a recent arrival in Coulee City.

I became politically active during the Wuhan Flu lockdowns and their aftermath. In those days, it was clear that the daily decisions about our lives were not being made by us, but by uncaring bureaucrats who live hundreds or thousands of miles away from us. This is not the American way. America is built upon ideals of independence and self-governance, of small communities deciding what's best for them.

America has not always been true to those values, but we are in a time of transition, and I believe that we can reclaim them and build a better future for our children. To further that self-governance, I will get in contact with the voters in my district, and make sure they understand what their options are and what kind of crazy is coming out of Olympia these days.

Ephrata 7 (012)



Greetings, fellow Grant County Republicans! Our region is experiencing an incredibly dynamic period, with issues such as Water, Power and Growth facing the citizens of Grant County and North Central Washington. Add to these homelessness, drug trafficking and higher taxes - you all can see we are indeed in a time of change. The election year of 2024 will present many challenges, with multiple issues and candidates that will affect each citizen of the entire State of Washington.

Election Integrity is one of my highest areas of focus. Numerous questions have arisen during recent election cycles that should concern each person casting a vote. My focus for 2024 will be educating each voter in my precinct, reassuring them that their vote does indeed count. Most importantly, the PCO will be assisting them with the information they need to make an informed choice. I look forward to using my 15 years of experience in various precincts to work with my fellow PCO’s of Grant County to ensure free, fair and open elections. At the same time, it is our duty to represent my neighbors within the Ephrata 07-012 precinct to help them stay informed as to the key issues of Grant County.

I appreciate your attention and your support.



Ephrata 9 (013)


CANDACE ERICKSON - PCO / State Committee Woman / Current Party Vice Chair

I am running for Precinct Committee Officer in Ephrata 9 District 13. Currently, I serve as your PCO, State Committeewoman, and Vice Chair for the Grant County Central Committee. I was the first Grant County Representative elected to the State Executive Board of the WSRP, where I helped shape policy for the Washington State Republican Party.

As an Ephrata community leader since 1983, I have been President of the Chamber of Commerce, Ephrata Kiwanis Club, and Chairman of the Sage N Sun Festival for over 35 years. I have the time, determination, and energy to fight for our Constitutional Rights. My inspiration comes from my late husband, who was a disabled veteran.

I would be honored to receive your vote to continue fighting for your God-given rights.

Please vote for Candace Erickson on August 6, 2024!


THEODORE C HILE - Active in the Party

It is time for change! We need to stop the relentless Democrat assault on our freedom...and pocketbooks!

As a lifelong, committed Republican, I am deeply concerned with today’s Washington State government direction and regulation over-reach. We need a new direction.

We need new leadership in the Grant County Republican Party. The current incumbents have done a poor job of selecting and achieving Grant County GOP aims and goals. We need better decisions and accountability. We need better fundraising. We need to do a better job of supporting local candidates. As Your Ephrata 9 PCO I will represent you in setting Republican Party platform goals and objectives, qualifying candidates, and ensuring election integrity. As Your Ephrata 9 PCO I will be the contact-point in your neighborhood for community outreach, and candidate and voting information.

My qualifications: Strong leadership, creativity, and problem-solving skills. In my professional career, I was a program manager for companies (foreign and domestic) making specialized products for new Boeing Commercial Airplane projects. I will bring that experience to this new role.

Join me in supporting great GOP candidates, ensuring honest elections, and promoting intelligent legislation making our county and state a better place. It is time for change. Vote for Theodore C. (Ted ) Hile!



George Rural (016)



I’m running for Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) for George Rural precinct 016, Grant County Republican Party.

With over 40 years in politics, starting from my first campaign for Gerald Ford at 16, I have deep roots in Grant County. I served on the Grant County election committee, manned voting booths, and delivered ballots. I've been a PCO under former Chairman Barbara Morgan and currently serve by Party request. I also helped plan the record-breaking 2024 Grant County Lincoln Day dinner.

I’m not after titles; I’m here to keep the conservative voice strong. I've actively campaigned for local candidates and recently went to Olympia to protect our farms and conservative values as a Farm Bureau delegate. I was a delegate at the WA Republican State Convention and an alternate in 2012.

As a WWII veteran's daughter, my conservative Christian values run deep. It would be an honor to have your vote for PCO. God Bless!



Gloyd (017)



I have chosen to be a Republican and Conservative all my life. I believe in the Constitution of The United States. I have been married for 45 years to my high school sweetheart Phillip. We have 4 grown children, 13 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I have always been active in my Church, participating in worship and Wednesday night meals.

I have served on the Board of The Moses Lake Downtown Association and just finished a 4-year term on the Moses Lake School Board. I spend my time working on my outdoor wedding venue and helping support my husband on the farm. In my spare time I can be found volunteering for numerous local non-profit organizations around Moses Lake.

I am excited to run to be a PCO as I believe we need good strong leadership in our local organization. We need to bring conservative values back to Grant County and I hope to be a small part in making this happen.



Moses Lake 8 (034)



It’s been an honor to represent you as your current PCO for Precinct 34. I want to also thank you all for endorsing me as your Delegate for the recent WA State Convention. It was very active very engaging and passionate. During this State convention, after meetings, publicly speaking, and having my conservative values and public service reviewed, I was selected by my fellow Congressional District 4 delegates to represent you at the Republican National Convention!

This is an immense honor particularly since I was the only one selected to represent Grant County. This selection was done by 300 plus county delegates from 8 counties that comprise Congressional District 4. The most conservative district on the West Coast.

As I mentioned above it’s been an honor to represent you as your PCO for Precinct 34 this year. I’d like to represent you again for the next term starting in January 2025. Please Vote again for Victor Lombardi for PCO for District 34.

Thank you and God Bless!



Moses Lake 12 (036)





Ruff (045)


MIKE MCKEE - PCO / Previous County Chairman



Airport 2 (057)


STEVE KOHL - Active in the Party

My wife Desiree and I have been married now for 48 years and have raised nine children and currently have 13 grandkids. Together we have run our carpet cleaning business and also a flooring inspection business for over 40 years.

I would like to be the PCO for my neighborhood because my wife and I have lived here for over 30 years, and because the last time I was the PCO here was in 1988 when I went to the Republican National Convention (and got to shake hands with Ronald Reagan!) but since then have been too busy running our business and raising our nine kids. It is now time I stepped back in, especially in this crucial time of confusion and upheaval in our country.

Can I by myself make a difference? No. But with you and others who are not content to see our country fade away to obscurity, we together CAN make a difference. Our country is worth it. Our families are worth it. YOU are worth it.

Let’s make a difference.



Cascade Valley (058)



I believe now more than ever Republicans need to unite to fight for our God-given liberties. We need to promote integrity, morality, and decency within the party. As a life long resident of rural Eastern Washington, these values have always been a part of my life's experiences.

I have relied on these values in my community involvement as a BBCC. Foundation Board Member, a CTE advisory board member and a former MLSD board director. At the state level, I bring these values to my role a Charter School Commissioner serving on the legislative, performance and strategic planning committee.

As a PCO I will use my experiences to promote true conservative values by endorsing the candidates and issues that align with God's word, the Constitution and the principles of the Republican Party.



Moses Lake 1 (066)


JOSHUA J COOPER - PCO / Current Party Secretary

I have been a Moses Lake resident since the age of 11, and have attended the local college. I now have a growing family. I am a Christian and active in my church. You can send me emails at: or text me at 509-770-1044 with your name and concerns.

I believe that the constitution is a wonderful document and that the party is your vessel to keep the elected officials accountable. I will represent you and be your. voice. As the current secretary of the Party, I know what is happening within the party.

My goal is to be open and not firing from the hip on issues. I did attend the state convention and I have helped on campaigns from local to federal elections. I will be accessible to you and raise your concerns on the county, state and federal party level.



Moses Lake 9 (068)



I have been following politics closely for 35 years. I believe in what our Founding Fathers brought forth in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. I believe our Rights and Freedoms come from God. I have spent years fighting for the Principles of Integrity, Honesty and Forthrightness.

I was a Registered Nurse for 32 years here in the State of Washington. I retired from my job the year that our Hospital was going to force us to take the Flu Shot. I have been a PCO for 2 years. I have enjoyed canvassing my district, getting to know the people in my community and beyond, listening to their thoughts and the issues that they would want me to bring back to the Republican Party.

As a PCO I will fight for our Freedoms and the Sovereignty of America. I will vet the candidates and choose wisely to whom I give my support.



O Sullivan Dam (069)


ANDREW KOEPPEN - PCO / Current Party Chairman

As a lifelong CONSERVATIVE and a LEGAL immigrant to this great nation, the greatest country in the world, I proudly fly the Stars and Stripes, as I've earned the right to legally live under it. I am committed to preserving and defending what it represents, honoring those who built this country and those who sacrificed their lives to defend it.

I believe the Republican Party thrives when PCOS take the lead, ensuring that our leadership embodies honesty, decency, morality, and prudence. It's vital that our leaders genuinely care about, and actively work to uplift the communities they serve.

As such, when I became chair of the of the Party, I ensured County Caucus and Convention was held, organized record setting fundraising events, and led the party through difficult times. I will continually fight for the Constitution of the United States, Conservative values, Republican Principles, and work to get Republicans Elected!!



Soap Lake Rural W (071)





Moses Lake 14 (077)


IVAN JOSE SCHULTZ - Active in the Party

I am a dedicated REPUBLICAN with a life long commitment to conservative values. I learned the importance of these values at a young age and have worked tirelessly to promote them. My son's achievement as a Chief Warrant Officer in the Coast Guard is a testament to the values I have instilled in my family.

I have over 18 years of experience as a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) and have been actively involved in shaping the direction of the Republican Party. As PCO I will be dedicated to promote decency, temperance, and hard work within the party reflecting my unwavering commitment to conservative principles.

My experience and dedication makes me a strong advocate for conservative values and a capable leader within the Republican Party. I will work to get Republicans Elected.



Moses Lake 15 (079)



I am a MLSD substitute teacher and Track coach at MLHS, as well as a law student at South Texas College of Law Houston. I am a husband (married for 29 years), father, and grandfather. I've lived in the same house since 2010. I am a Christian and Constitutional Conservative.

I served as the state committee man for the GCRP from 2012 to 2014. I stand for transparency, honesty, integrity, and morality. I believe in the sanctity of life, in peace through strength, ending the war in Gaza through the capture and incarceration of all Hamas terrorists, and a negotiated settlement in Ukraine, enforced by U.S. strength. I will fight to eliminate the state and federal governments’ ability to invoke emergency control over our bodies, and our property without due process based on proven evidence.

When good men do nothing, Evil prevail - Edmond Burke (paraphrased).



Shorecrest (080)




I've been a lifelong Conservative Republican voting for conservative candidates and serve as your current and proud PCO (Precinct Committee Officer) for the Grant County Republican Party.

I have been working with the Grant County community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. It's been a passion of mine to give back to the Citizens of the County to make it better than before I started.

I look forward to helping the Grant County GOP grow its base and help elect conservative candidates moving forward.



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