PCOs are the heart and soul of the Grant County Republican Party.

They're the ones on the ground, connecting with neighbors, and building strong communities.

Their dedication ensures a solid Republican turnout in elections, leading to wins across the board.

Every race matters, and it all begins with the PCOs.

The PCO Advantage:

Communities with active PCOs experience increased voter turnout.

PCOs play a pivotal role in electing candidates across various levels, from school boards to statewide offices.

Numerous elected officials started their political journey as PCOs, highlighting the significance of a robust PCO network in nurturing future leaders.

What's the role of a PCO?

- Represent our Party in your Precinct

- Identify Republicans in your precinct

- Register likely Republicans to vote

- Remind Republicans in your precinct to vote

- Elect party leadership

- Support Republican candidates running for office

- Participation as a Member in good standing


- Attending Central Committee Meetings – approximately 4 times a year

- Attending your monthly District PCO Meetings

Interested in running as a PCO?

Here are the requirements:

1. Be a member of the Republican Party.

2. Be a registered voter in the precinct.

3. File for election during even-numbered years.

If running unopposed, the PCO candidate is automatically elected.

In contested races, the candidate with the most votes in the August Primary wins.

PCOs serve a two-year term starting December 1st following the election.

You can request to become a PCO, even in a non-election year.

Contact us to see if you live in a

Vacant PCO precinct

If you need help locating your precinct, please send an email to

Request For More Information


To Become A PCO

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